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The idea for The Stained Glass Project was developed over time. Michelle created a similar book for her friend, Dalinda Badenhoop, when Delinda was diagnosed with Cancer in May 2000. Michelle had always been a collector of inspiring quotes, and she put them together in a booklet, to boost the spirits of her ailing friend. After giving the book to Dalinda, Michelle began to reproduce the book for other people in need. Michelle wanted the book to reach as many people as possible, as she saw how it seemed to brighten up its recipients.
From that conclusion, The Stained Glass Project was born. Michelle concluded that hospital waiting rooms would be an ideal place to reach a broader audience of people in distress. While this was seemingly a tremendous undertaking, Michelle approached her childhood friend Amanda Lipitz to be her partner in the endeavor. Michelle trusted that Amanda had the perfect blend of insight and determination to help make this vision become a reality. The two girls embarked on a mission to raise enough money to donate the books to hospitals around the country. They expanded on the original concept of the book, adding artwork and letters from clergy. The I.R.S. approved The Stained Glass Project as an official 501c3 nonprofit, and all donations received are now 100% tax deductible.