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About Us
The Stained Glass Project is a nonprofit organization, designed to uplift people with illness and their families. At the heart of the organization is The Stained Glass Project, a book filled with motivational quotations and artwork, as well as articles from various religious clergy encouraging a positive outlook. It is our goal to distribute the book to hospitals around the country to make the usually dismal hospital experience a little brighter. The Stained Glass Project is an inspirational work that gives hope during times of need.

The Stained Glass Project can be found throughout the major hospitals in the state of Maryland. University of Maryland Medical Center, Sinai Hospital, TAI SOPHIA Institute and Johns Hopkins Hospital are all proud affiliates of The Stained Glass Project. Each hospital hosts the book in a variety of waiting areas and patient care facilities. The Stained Glass Project donates all books free of charge to the hospitals. As the organization raises enough money, hospitals from coast to coast can enjoy The Stained Glass Project. Our current fundraising efforts will benefit the wider distribution of The Stained Glass Project.